Sea World – Orlando

For those who love aquatic wildlife, Sea World has always been the pioneer theme park for these kinds of attractions. It gives you a look on what are the attractions that you can enjoy with these creatures. It educates everyone not only with how they live, but also the proper care and preservation of these animals. Although there is more to these creatures and their attractions. There are some rides that makes your visit to the theme park more fulfilling and exciting. Here are some of those rides:

Journey to Atlantis – This water coaster ride gives to the thrills and spills while going through the twists and turns and watery falls. As you go through the journey it takes you through mysterious pathways through the City of Atlantis. You will be welcomed by sirens whose motive is to bring riders into one of the most adrenaline rushing rides that anyone could have. This eight seater Greek fishing boat ride takes you one a journey that recreates that long lost city as you go through tremors and floods. Don’t forget the special effects like projected lights, water and fog cannons. Who would have thought that Sea World can create a majestic place that everyone can go through this wild adventure.

Kraken – Remember that monster from Pirates of the Caribbean and Clash of the Titans? Guess what it also wreaks havoc in Sea World Florida as well. This monster coaster sets the bar as one of the 10 best coasters in the world. It is the fastest and only floorless steel coaster riding above the horizon. This ride feels like you have really been attacked by this mystical mythological creature. It takes you higher, then drops you longer, then spiral you faster. Of course you would not be aware of a floor below you to strap your feet on.

Skytower – When Sea World Florida opened in 1973, this has been the monumental landmark as you are able to see everything from 400 feet. This ride takes you on a breathtaking view of the theme park to as far as downtown Orlando. This is the perfect area for you to sit back and relax and enjoy the wonderful surrounding.

Manta – Who would not have thought that a sea creature like the Manta ray can also become a ride. Experience what it feels like to swim like these species. This roller coaster ride has the ability to spin, skim, glide and fly like a giant ray. You are positioned head first and your whole body down as you try to scream at the top of your lungs with excitement. The other unique feature of this ride is an up close and personal encounter with with some of the most amazing underwater habitat that you could have ever imagined.

Wild Arctic – You wonder how does it feel to be part of an arctic storm? Then this ride would answer all these questions. This jet helicopter simulator takes you on risky journey as you encounter some of the most ferocious animals like the polar bear, walruses and beluga whales. It is a journey through thick icy environments and you have to encounter these creatures that are drawn to your journey. At least you don’t have to fly as far as going to the Arctic circle to enjoy this ride, and it can already happen in Sea World Florida.

Shamu’s Happy Harbor – This area is perfect for almost everyone especially the kids who are 3 feet 6 inches and above. They have roller coasters, mini carousels, mini playgrounds that are perfect for kids to enjoy, especially if they are still not eligible for those high risk rides like the Kraken or Mantra- Fly now. It is the perfect venue for everyone’s enjoyment.

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