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Oslob Whale Shark Watching
Image March 30, 2016 Oslob Whale Shark Watching Admin

Whale Shark Watching, it’s indeed more fun when you see these creatures. Whale Shark Watching is one of the well-known tourist attraction in Oslob, Cebu. You get a chance to dive and snorkel along with the whales. And you will be amazed and stunned once you dive into the sea. The Whales are harmless and

Canyoneering Downstream to Kawasan Falls
Image March 30, 2016 Canyoneering Admin

Canyoneering, experience extreme adventure. Canyoneering is the adventurous act of traveling through steep and narrow canyons using a variety of techniques that can include walking, climbing, scrambling, jumping, abseiling, wading, or swimming. Canyoneer can also enjoy the cold blue, green colored water. And Surprise with the remarkable rock formations along the way. You will surely

Sumilon Sandbar Sanctuary
Image March 30, 2016 Sumilon Sandbar Sanctuary Admin

Captivate the beauty of Sumilon Island. The island of Sumilon is located in the southeastern tip of Oslob and It is separated from the mainland of Cebu. The island is famous throughout the country and internationally for its extraordinary dive sites. One of the popular attractions is the sandbar because of its stunning shape and